Introducing the Trusted Health Community: The Trusted Circle

Life as a traveler is a whirlwind of adventure, discovery, and expansion. The thrill of stepping onto a new unit, exploring vibrant cities, and meeting new people is unmatched. Although this can be an exciting journey, if we’re honest with ourselves it can also be some of the loneliest times jumping around from city to city, having to make new friends, and learning new hospital systems every 13 weeks, on top of being away from our family and friends. 

Trusted has always been a nurse-led company, which is why clinicians always come first for us. One thing we focus on is creating a community where healthcare professionals can find a network of support, both personal and professional. We have steadily been creating and curating this network for nurses and are now excited to introduce The Trusted Circle! Our Community is not only a hub for fun and connections, but also an invaluable resource for traveling nurses and allied healthcare professionals.

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The Power of Community

In a profession as demanding and dynamic as travel healthcare, the significance of community cannot be overstated. Travel nurses and allied professionals often find themselves navigating new environments without the safety or familiarity of home, which can lead to feelings of isolation.

The Trusted Health Community recognizes this and strives to bridge the gap by fostering connections among professionals who share similar experiences. It's a space where those on the road can come together to remind each other that they are never alone. Whether it's a tough patient assignment you need to vent about, a housing dilemma you need resources to solve, or just a new friend to accompany you on a hike, we get it and we’ve got you covered.

The Trusted Health Community ensures that its members have access to resources and support even as they transition from one location to another providing a haven for networking, new friendships, and continued education. 

Unveiling the Trusted Community

We are proud to present our Trusted Community, The Trusted CircleThis name embodies our vision for our community - a sanctuary where healthcare professionals can forge meaningful connections that foster both personal and professional growth, supporting each member in building the fulfilling career, and life, they desire.

Imagine that sense of security you feel when you start a shift, after just getting hand-off from a nurse you know you can trust.  Or solace you experience when a new friend makes plans with you to spend a day off exploring new trails - a day you would otherwise spend alone.  It’s these types of bonds with people you encounter along the way, the genuine, good-hearted co-workers that become lifelong friends, that make up The Trusted Circle.

Stepping into this community means opening doors to friendships with people who just "get" you. Whether you're exploring a new city, pondering your next career move, or just need someone who understands the rollercoaster of emotions that come with the job, The Trusted Circle is your go-to place. It's where friendships blossom, professional connections strengthen, and where your exciting future takes shape.

Join the Conversation

Central to the Trusted Community is our private online group or forum. This is more than just a platform for casual chats – it's a space for support and resource sharing. Members can use this online space to share their stories, ask questions, and receive answers from those who have walked a similar path.

Through weekly rituals that include Travel Tip Tuesday, Career Conversations, Feel Good Friday and a monthly new member welcome event, Coffee & Community we connect and engage with our clinicians on and off the clock. We understand that clinicians deserve to be celebrated more than once a year, so we offer exclusive giveaways, limited-edition merch, and special gift collaborations each month. From sharing hospital experiences, road trip recommendations, or encouragement for a new traveler, our vibrant community is always bubbling with advice for travelers from novice to seasoned. From facility specific scrub colors, mindfulness techniques, or day-off adventure suggestions clinicians can find friends and guidance all in one place. 

Our Community is a place where the collective wisdom of travel nurses and allied professionals comes together, offering tools, tips, and guidelines that can only be learned through experience.

Community Events

Our community comes alive with a mix of live and virtual events, all crafted with the aim of adding a sprinkle of fun, learning, and camaraderie to your life. Whether you're looking to expand your network, hone a new skill, or just kick back and unwind, we've got something lined up just for you.

Our live events are your ticket to forming those oh-so-real connections, the kind that blossoms over shared laughs and stories, and maybe a cup of coffee or two. It's a space where we can give each other real high-fives, celebrate our wins big and small, and just take in the energy of being together.

The virtual events, on the other hand, transcend geographical boundaries. Imagine joining a workshop that focuses on financial planning or a panel discussion about career advancement from the comfort of your current location. The Trusted Community's virtual events offer this flexibility and inclusivity, allowing healthcare professionals to access valuable insights regardless of where they are. Topics covered during these events span a wide range, from travel nursing tips, mindfulness and wellness classes, cooking lessons, to tax preparation and leveraging your income.

You can keep an eye on our event calendar for events, both in-person and virtual and RSVP for any events that you are interested in.  We can’t wait to see you!

Meet Britt - Our Trusted Community Leader

Trusted has a Community Team who is always connecting with members and growing The Trusted Circle. Leading the Community is none other than Britt G, a seasoned nurse herself with a heart for supporting fellow travelers. Britt's personal journey in the nursing world brings a wealth of experience, and her role as the Trusted Community leader is a natural extension of her passion. She was a traveler for 5 years and has worked for 10 years in Adult Step-Down, Palliative/Hospice, PICU, CV-PICU, & COVID ICU, so she can understand the ins and outs of the Trusted Circle very well. 

“I believe our Community Team is like a resource or break nurse- we are striving everyday to be a nurse to our clinicians.  Whether that’s through sharing a link to find CEUs to maintain your license, consoling a member who is having a tough day, or providing free lunch for your unit. I remember what it feels like to spend holidays alone or not having anyone to call because of the time difference, plus the fact that I was working night shift. I vividly remember how hard it was for us during COVID because no one understood what we were going through. I never want any of my members to feel like there isn't someone checking in on them, listening to them, celebrating them, or valuing their efforts. 

In The Trusted Circle we see you, we honor you, and we thank you. 

Join the Movement

As the Trusted Community continues to flourish, exciting events and initiatives are on the horizon. The community's growth is fueled by its members' feedback and needs, ensuring that it remains an invaluable resource for all travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals.

Joining the Trusted Circle is as simple as it is transformative. By becoming a part of this thriving community, you're not just accessing resources – you're contributing to a movement that values connection, empowerment, and the shared journey of healthcare professionals. 

In a world where change is the only constant, the Trusted Circle offers a steady anchor, reminding travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals that even when they roam, they have a home in our community.  👋 Join The Trusted Circle 

Want More?

Interested in becoming more involved? Apply for our Inner Circle program, a diverse group of nurses who are passionate about helping each other in a variety of ways.

If you are a pro at welcoming newcomers to your city, willing to offer advice for newbies in the field, a natural connector of people, or one of those people that just lifts others up, you might be a great fit! We are looking for clinicians interested in sharing testimonials, hosting events, writing blogs, sharing product research, and so much more!

In taking this bold step forward, we invite every healthcare professional to take the leap and embrace a community that's dedicated to supporting and empowering you every step of the way.